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Steve Cross

Steve was born and raised in Northern Ireland and after 10 years of traveling the world via cruiseships, decided to make Puerto Vallarta his home. After 5 years in Vallarta after cobrokering a real estate office he decided to seek a better climate in 2007 and moved to Ajijic, where he has been involved in real estate ever since. He believes in giving back through charity work and dog rescue.

Steve has a passion for seeking out the perfect home for each client and has formed a wide circle of friends through real estate.

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Barbara Wills

Barbara made her dream come true by packing up and moving to Ajijic from Calgary, Alberta in May 2003. She brings with her more than 30 years sales experience where her love for people is a definite advantage. Barbara looks forward to helping you sell your current house and/or find your new home. She believes honesty is the best policy, and strictly adheres to the Bylaws of both professional realtor groups

Ester Whitsell

Energetic, frendly and hard working, Ester comes to Absolut Fenix with skills of remodeling and managing properties. She is owner and designer of an iron works exportation business, a public relations team member for the state of Jalisco. Originally from Guadalajara, Ester spent 18 years in the Chicago area, giving her a bicultural outlook and an understanding of the needs of both buyers and sellers in this ever-growing market.


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Flip Nicholson

Before Mexico, Flip covered a lot of ground between the Rockies and the Midwest. From ranching to the oilfield, hotel business, construction and being self employed, Flip has been working with people all his life, and continues to do so here at Lakeside. Heavily involved in the construction end of things as well as being owner/agent of a thriving real estate office, Flip does manage to get things done. And, no stranger to the stage, Flip stays active in the music scene performing in various venues around town. Informative and a "straight shooter" pretty much sums it up.

Cecilia Walters

Cecilia Walters was born and raised in England, and found her way to Mexico via South America. Arriving Lakeside in 1978 with her two-year-old son, Nyah, she found she loved the friendly people, the great climate, and the general ambiance. Having educated her son here, she is familiar with the school systems both Lakeside and in Guadalajara. She began listing and selling Lakeside properties in 1990. Therefore her knowledge of applicable real estate laws, local customs, and the local housing market is extensive.


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Brian Wade

Brian and his wife Ellie moved to Lakeside in 2009 from Toronto, Ontario.   When Brian arrived here he had over 16 years of Real Estate experience from Toronto's competitive Real Estate market.  In 1994 Brian started his new Real estate career in Toronto, where he quickly moved up into the top 2% of all Toronto realtors and stayed there consistently for over a decade.   Brian has become well versed in local Real Estate values and has brought his professional skills to this market making him one of the Top choices for the public, when looking for a Listing specialist. 


Maureen Clark

Maureens career & experience in sales, has now expanded to 50 years! Her Entrepreneurial & Management skills have led her to opening up business’s in California & Arizona, one of which, an upscale wine bar, cocktail lounge, gallery & restaurant in Ojai, California. Another, a start up publishing Business in Lake Havasu, California.   Maureens reputation for professionalism is well known, as she has helped hundreds of people obtain their desires and dreams in the States. If you are selling your home, as a Professional Photographer, Maureen can make your home picture perfect! She has been published in high end Real Estate magazines.   Maureen has been coming to Mexico since 1975 and was smitten with the people and the rich culture of this enriched country. Being a permanent resident of Ajijic, gives you the opportunity to help you realize and obtain your dreams of home ownership at affordable prices, which are NOT found up North. Retirement & Investment in Mexico will change your life!

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Dottie Erickson

I have an extensive professional background in management. During my professional career, I served as A Food and Beverage Director, Assistant General Manager, and oversaw Event Planning. Not only did I hold multiple leadership roles, I specialized in customer service. From my professional to my personal endeavors, I am always going above and beyond to help people. Avid volunteer in many organizations specifically designated to homeless and shelter associations. Highly motivated and involved in helping individuals reach their potential in every interaction I have. As I continue to build my new Real Estate business, I am dedicated to delivering the same excellent customer service and hospitality skills.  I moved to Ajijic, Mexico in 2018 with my husband Mark (Swede). I have a beautiful daughter, Brooke, who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and is a Senior Training Specialist.  I love to garden and golf. Most days you can find Me playing with my dog Sophia and the neighborhood cats, I love animals!

Stop on by and say hi to me! I am enthused about this new opportunity, extremely eager to uncover my client’s needs and find the perfect home that fits their lifestyle!

Daniela Villaseñor

Daniela was born in Guadalajara and spent her early childhood in Ajijic. After living in Arizona for 20 years, it was an easy decision for her to return to her roots here in Jalisco. Daniela is hugely drawn to the climate, gorgeous scenery, kindness of the locals, and the slower, more relaxed way of life. Outside of real estate, she owns and operates her own business as a pyrography (woodburning) artist, creating beautiful works of art and furniture. Before starting her business, Daniela worked in hotel and restaurant management assisting some of Arizona’s top-rated restaurants launch and operate successfully. With her unique perspective of the area and friendly personality, Daniela is now committed to helping others find and purchase property so they, too, can begin living the dream near Lake Chapala. 

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Mitzi Allen

I was born and raised in san francisco bay area. I have a love for people and serving their needs. My previous work experience has been a manager in health care and  a manager with US government also a previos owner of a bookstore. As a hobby I have helped people find their dream home, sell or rent, and prepare lease options to buy in California. I enjoy helping people fulfill their dreams of owning. I have been in chapala area for almost 4 years and have decided to fulfill my dream of working in the Real Estate field with Fenix Real Estate. 

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